Everybody Drinks!

Earlier today, Kristen was bemoaning the monotony of her life and how this prevented her from blogging. She insisted that my life was far more eventful than hers. I didn't argue, as life with a toddler is nothing if not a constant whirlwind of activity; sometimes, it is dull and it often fails to be blogworthy (the new, 21st century version of contraception) but it is never monotonous.

Something happened today, however, which makes me doubt this.

But first, a bit of backstory.

As some of you are aware, I used to be a regular participant on an online debate board, a board I referred to as Smart Moms Who Like To Argue, because while it was officially the Feeding Choices Debate Board at Babycenter, we usually argued about everything else--things like whether mothers should drink cocktails at playdates or if five year olds are too young to have their own cell phones. Which isn't to say we didn't discuss food and food related issues (as many of us noted, there was a reason we all gravitated to a board about Feeding Choices, even if we ended up forgetting about food and staying for the intellectual stimulation provided by the other super intelligent women). So in our healthy food discussions, Barilla Pasta Plus came up quite a bit. So much so that someone eventually decided that we all had to drink when it was mentioned. And before we knew it, Barilla Pasta Plus became not only our go to food for a healthy Mac & Cheese, but our mascot and a good excuse to get drunk at four o'clock in the afternoon (without the playdate).

However, much as I love Barilla Pasta Plus, I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe's, and TJ's does not stock BPP. So when I find myself in a traditional grocery store, I stock up. I found myself in such a story today and remembered we were running low on BPP. also, if the commercials are to be believed, I may find an extremely attractive man demonstrating his desire for me by presenting me with a Barilla product and who couldn't use that on a Friday afternoon? When I got to the appropriate area of the store, I was met with quite a surprise:

Barilla Pasta Plus now comes in Farfalle.

(I know, you were expecting me to say that the commercials are true and I am leaving Fred for a man who is not only unspeakably hot, but will get me fat on pasta. Sorry about that. Also, I am aware that my particular shopping quirks render me out of the loop and this whole Farfalle thing may be old news to you. I apologize if I misled you).

I did a dance in the aisle. I commented to the other shoppers at the momentousness (spell check tells me a word, but does it make sense?) of this development. I demonstrated a great deal of self control and bought only two boxes (it wasn't on sale, whereas Angel Hair and Spaghetti were).

And then, when I finished, I realized that I was getting really excited about a shape of pasta.

Which just goes to show that either my life is more boring than yours or, despite the nonstop adventure that is my life, I am still moved by the little things in life. You be the judge. I am off to boil some water.


Unknown said…
Well, it is a rather *sexy* pasta shape...

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