Thursday, October 14, 2010


I thought about including this video in the previous post about cat calls, but then I figured this song deserved a post all its own.

I remember the first time I heard this song. It was a Thursday night (I know this because it was played on WXRT on "New Release Thursday), it was spring and I was driving home from ballet class. My first response was surprise that this was Lush, a band I had considered a Cocteau Twins inspired, shoe-gazer 4AD band (which, coming from me, is a compliment). My second response was that I had to pull the car over so I could give the song my full attention because it was JUST THAT GOOD. I love the guitar riffs. I love the speed. And I absolutely love the message. I remember I kept hoping WXRT would play it again and the one time afterwards when I heard it, I was once again in a car, this time with people, and I recall going on about what an amazing song it was and how disinterested they were in what I was saying, seemingly more impressed that I could recall the lyrics of a song that I claimed to only have heard once before. Yeah, it just happens to be that good a song. I find myself quoting this song in my head quite a bit ("save your breath for someone else and credit me with something more").

I really wish this song had existed when I was in college, it would have made my interactions with members of the opposite sex so much more interesting. And by interesting, I mean funnier. If there is any justice, this song is in the pool room jukebox. I mean, assuming that there is still a pool room, which I doubt since it isn't coming up in any google search (though it is nice to see someone went to the trouble to set up a MySpace page for the jukebox).

Also, it is a really good song to run to which, lately, seems to be my primary criteria for choosing music.

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Blogger Tracy said...

There is no pool room. The pool room is now the bookstore. There is a sort of game room, but I didn't find it to be a very Reed sort of game room. Certainly not a place with a bathroom where one might sit on the floor and bemoan the opposite sex while songs like this one played outside.

12:03 AM, October 24, 2010  

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