Thursday, April 14, 2011

Geek Zodiac

Finally, a Zodiac I can get excited about.

Like all good zodiacs, it has bits where it is so spot on it is scary.

Julian is Spy. Confident, Patriotic, Desenrascanço adept. Yeah, that sounds just like him. But also, Duplicitous, Selfish, and Remorseless, which alas, sounds like your average six year old (though it sounds rather harsh to put it in those terms. I would probably describe it more as having self-interested view towards life and still developing notions of personal responsibility with regards to crime and punishment).

Like all good zodiacs, it is just vague enough for you to see yourself in a description, though you may have to squint.

I am Robot. Law-abiding, Dedicated, Logical (yeah, that sounds accurate, as long as one doesn't consider "law abiding" to mean "does not question authority"). It also says a Robot is stubborn, intractable, and cold (which also works for me, especially as I always need a sweater, even in the middle of summer).

Like all good zodiacs, it has the bits which are all off and make you remember that it isn't based in science.

Fred is Undead. Enough said.

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Blogger FoodSnob said...

I think this is more accurate than the regular zodia. I'm Pirate: Natural Leader, Bon Viveur, Charismatic. And my dark side of Restless, Quick to Anger, Untrustworthy. They had me until 'untrustworthy', so 5 out of 6 ain't bad. The only other one that gets close is Daikaiju.

4:34 PM, April 14, 2011  

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