Thursday, March 15, 2012

Somebody I That Used To Know

When I first heard this song, I thought it sounded brilliant, but as the months pass and I listen to the words, I am surprised by how brilliant it is, by all the layers I find, the places it takes me in my own head, and the way it reshapes my understanding of the world in tiny ways. There are so few songs, I feel, which talk about the inherent power imbalance in many relationships in such an intelligent way, not to mention capturing how the balance of power can shift when the relationship ends. I feel the video is amazing because it perfectly illustrates the pain in the song and the hard work we have to do in our hearts when we break up with someone, how we have to take someone who stood out in profound contrast to the rest of the world and slowly turn them into scenery we don't even notice, how distance makes them go from being the sun to just another star we barely see, and how that process changes us. So despite that it is a very sad song, it makes me extremely happy.

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