Friday, August 03, 2012

Tongue Tied

I love this firefly of a song. It makes me happy and every time I hear it, I want to spin around, waive my arms over my head, and shout the chorus at the top of my lungs, however, since I am usually in the car when it comes on the radio, I must be content with satisfying one out of three of my urges.  I suspect, much like a lightning bug, we won't even remember it come December and come next summer another song will be filling our hearts with joy and sunshine, but for now, this will be the song which makes me smile while also forcing me to concentrate hard on not driving into other cars.

The title of Grouplove's record from which this song comes is Never Trust a Happy Song and, wow, does this video live up to that warning. At first, it just seems messed up in a Memento sort of way, but then we get a good look at the band and it suddenly seems like it is a party at The Dustbin*. All is explained in the end (and though it is predictable, it also completely confirms my feelings that this looks like something right out of Renn Fayre** because the dame thing kinda sortof happened to me once a couple decades ago).

*Can you believe The Dustbin doesn't have it's own Wikipedia page?
**At this point, I strongly believe that the only people reading this blog already know what I am talking about, but if I am wrong and you are scratching your head, google it. Or let me know you exist by leaving a comment and I'll explain it.***
***Ugh, I decided that sounded a bit snotty, so here's the Wikipedia link. But please feel free to leave a comment telling me you love me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this song too. Slow by Grouplove is another good one...more melancholy though!

11:07 PM, August 03, 2012  

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