Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning

A song about a sunny Tuesday morning and the day which follows, about all the quotidian details which fill our days when we are trying to avoid thinking about the things which cause us pain, but also, how sometimes we find we have more strength than we ever suspected. It's about endings and beginnings. It is an artifact from before and, really, the only thing which ties it to this day (or that day) in my heart is that it starts on a Tuesday morning.

Yesterday, I heard something in it which I never had before and which, obviously, was never intended. What if we listen to this song as if it were a document of that Tuesday morning?

We don't talk much about how people were still living their lives even though it seemed like the world had stopped. We don't often think about how there were births and breakups which, for the individuals involved, were bigger than anything going on in the world outside. So I listen to all the times that the protagonist is insulated from contact with the outside world, either through her own actions of avoidance or circumstances. The only person in the song she talks to is Jenny, who has a black eye she got from her boyfriend the night before, clearly, she has her own personal drama consuming her thoughts. So maybe we can listen to it as a song about how someone spent her last day before finding out the world had ended.

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