Friday, November 02, 2012

The Whole Point of No Return

All righteousness did build thy arrow 
To shoot it straight into their lies 
Who would expect the mighty sparrow 
Could rid our world of all their kind?

I have been hearing this song a lot lately as the Style Council is one of Fred's favorite bands and Pandora is so accommodating. It freaked me out to read the lyrics as they seem to be a fairly cogent response to Mitt Romney's economic policies though they were written over a quarter century ago. But to be fair, The Communist Manifesto was written over a century and a half ago and that could also be considered a commentary on the Romney/Ryan tax plan as well as what seems to be the Republican Party's views of society. It shouldn't surprise me. If history teaches us anything, it is that humans have a tendency to make the same greedy choices which cause harm to the have nots in their society. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but think about it. When you keep pushing most of society down, telling everyone to just trust you because you have a huge pile of money, and you keep peddling the idea that wealth will eventually trickle down even though history has demonstrated this only leads to a greater gap between the rich and the poor, what exactly do you expect? Eventually, the proletariat will start to complain and some of those complaints won't be so law abiding as the Occupy movement. As a person who believes in responsible capitalism (and not the robber baron sort of which the right in my country peddles as "fiscal conservatism") and as someone who wants our economy to grow, I am very worried about the upcoming election. My father-in-law (a proud Republican) asked me if I thought everyone should vote for only one political party and I am sure he thought he was making some great point about democracy. Unfortunately, we currently have one political party who advocates the transfer of more wealth into the pockets of wealthy and corporations (because they are people, my friend) and has vowed to grind government to a halt unless they are we do as they say, and they have done exactly this when given an opportunity. So while, yes, I think having more political parties is in general a good thing, I feel like the only hope for our country right now is that we not reward these obstructionists or give them any opportunity to further enact their dangerous economic policies.

Of course, my other thought when listening to this song is that the bloody revolution never sounded so smooth.

Rising up to break this thing 
From family trees the dukes do swing 
Just one blow to scratch the itch 
The law's made for and by the rich 
It would be easy. 
So, so easy.

P.S. I am sure there are many people who are far smarter than I am who can explain exactly how my pessimistic fears are completely unfounded and how my grasp of history is all wrong. Please do so in the comments as I could do with a bit of cheering up right now.

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