Thursday, December 06, 2012

We've Got To Break Up

This made me cry.

Even if this didn't happen to me, I know many couples who have found themselves in this exact situation. As someone outside the couple in question, I always want to scream, "You will give up the love of your life for this vague desire to procreate? Kids aren't all that! There are too many people on the planet as it is, go volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club or something!" to the person who wants kids and "One kid is not so bad, really, give it a try, you will totally love a kid that is your own!" to the person who doesn't. Because I believe in love and I hate to see people, even people I don't know, breaking up when they still love each other. But I also hate seeing people grow resentful because they compromised something for the person they loved and after years of saying that it wasn't so important, they find out it actually was. Sometimes love is not enough.



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