All It Is Missing Is That Disembodied Voice

As you may imagine given past observations I have made here and performed elsewhere, I am very annoyed that I never thought of making a video like this.

And a quick perusal of YouTube reveals no one as yet has made a mashup of the Doctor visiting Teletubbyland--Comparing the Daleks to the Teletubbies is a good start, but it really doesn't begin to take advantage of all the opportunities for humor and mayhem provided by landing the blue police box in that strange totalitarian miniature golf course of a world. Think about it-Timey Wimey, Tinky Winky...

And while we are on the topic of totalitarian states with manicured lawns, another good mashup that no one has done thus far would be The Prisoner set in Teletubbyland (I mean, it practically is already). Come on internet, get on this already.


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