Shoes: Red Leather Rose Heels

When we went to London for Christmas in 2002, our hotel was near a shoe store which had the most amazing black sueded pumps with a red suede rose placed off center from the vamp. I once went into the store to ask the price, which was a number that was just high enough to dissuade me from trying them on, but not so high that I haven't spend the last twelve years thinking I should have just spent the money and bought the shoes, if only I had known that I would never see them again, anywhere. In the back of my mind, I thought the shoes were so lovely, surely everyone would be making shoes like that in a matter of months. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

I tell you this to help you understand the ridiculous amount of excitement I felt when I stumbled upon these shoes at Salvation Army. Red leather rose heels! And they fit me perfectly! I can't remember how much they cost (under $10 is a safe assumption), but I have a feeling I would have paid whatever amount was stapled to them.

Here they are on my feet.

These are not the most comfortable shoes in the world as they are high and the wooden footbed is unforgiving, but they do not squish my toes and every time I wear them I get complements.


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