I was bored today and counted the black dresses in my closet. There are 32. I know there are two waiting for repairs at my mother's house and three wool ones in the hope chest at the foot of our bed, and there are at least six (that I recall) in the bag of maternity clothes. However, that only gets us to 43 black dresses in all. And this includes recent purchases, dresses which have not been catalogued, even in passing, in the project thus far. So have I been lying to myself and others when I tell them I own 50 black dresses, or are there dresses hiding which will only be revealed with time? This is the problem I had when I started the project last year, the phenomenon of finding dresses that I didn't remember and watching the numbers swell.

But look at this picture of my closet. It doesn't look like I own that much black, does it?


Anonymous said…
There are *always* dresses hiding which will only be revealed with time.
Anonymous said…
I don't think the black dresses piece is deceptive. You say "about" fifty dresses, not exactly 50. The point is, the number is beyond what you can reasonably be expected to remember. I can count my black dresses fairly easily because I have none (although I do have 7 black skirts, and 2 pairs of black pants excluding the pair that's a part of my funeral suit). The point is not the exact quantity. the point is, why so much,

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