Another Pin-Up Quiz (or four)

Pin up queen, or not?

Bettie Page

Fun, sweet, sexy, and unassuming. I'm so jealous of you. Everyone is.

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Yes, it is another Pin-Up Quiz, this one I found by way of The Kitchener Bitch.

For those of you keeping track, I have come up as Bettie Page twice and Lily St. Cyr once. I imagine these things multiply like rabbits, so I will probably never manage to take them all and have a final number by which we may determine precisely which pin-up I most resemble (though we all know Bettie is the one I have the most in common with physically. After all, there are not a lot of curvy brunettes in the pin-up hall of fame. I wonder if the retro fascination in Bettie Page which has occurred over the past decade or so will change that.)

Here is another one which categorizes pin-ups by type. Yeah, I am a bit of a glamour girl.

Which pin up are you?

You are The Glamour Queen
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And this one, well, I have no idea what it is doing, but it definitely picked up on that "sexy bookworm" persona I have been carefully crafting over the years

What Pin Up girl are you?

You are the smartie pants!
You're very intellectual and love to read and write.
You'll be successful later on in life!
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And yet another one says I am Bettie Page (and it is the first with a picture showing actual nudity):

Which Pin-UP girl would you most likely be?

You are Bettie Page!

That divine pinup girl from the '50s era! She was the purrrfect mixture of naughty and nice ... innocence and delight.
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I am pretty fascinated by the whole online quiz thing in general (as if you couldn't tell.) It's like we all want to know how to define ourselves, in what category we may place ourselves, and we have this means of doing so pretty quickly. So I, as a stay-at-home-mom/actress/writer, am looking to these websites for some form of validation of my general sexiness. None of these quizzes actually ask the important "what sort of pin-up would you be" questions regarding height, weight, and measurements? Though maybe that would be more of a "could you be a pinup at all?" line of questioning, and where is the fun in that? Of course, if they did ask such a questions, I would still probably end up being Bettie Page (although I am shorter and my waist isn't what it once was...pregnancy will do that to a girl. But really, we are talking an inch or two off in the waist area and I make up for it with the nursing breasts...what? Did I say I was looking for validation? For what? My incredibly massive ego?) OK, so maybe I am just flocking to these websites to confirm (to myself, at least) that I am a hot chick, regardless of the waist measurement.


Anonymous said…
Of course you're Bettie Page. Now I'm going to run away before you beat me. (Or should I? hmmm...)

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