My Excuse

For months now, I have had a bunch of ideas on which I have wanted to expound, but have found it damn near impossible to sit still long enough to even realize how difficult articulating these ideas happens to be. And I have been feeling very guilty about this. I tell myself to just sit down, procrastinating on online message boards, and write what is in my head. I call myself names in my head ("lazy" and "vain" are my favorites--how else to explain all my lack of progress writing-wise but all the time I spend running like a gerbil on a treadmill? Of course, the continued persistence of cellulite on my thighs just demonstrates that I'm not really making much progress in the vanity arena either.) To no avail as I still haven't written a word (though I have bored the people who know me in real life by talking about these grand essays I have planned).

However, today I read a headline which (like Melissa Joan Hart before she became a teen witch) really explained it all.

Great 'cosmic nothingness' found

All I have to do is add the tagline "between my ears" to that headline and everything makes sense. My brain is filled with void stuff.


karrie said…
Also guilty. I cleaned up some older stuff last week and submitted it, but now my brain and voice are both MIA.

I blame August. For the next few days, at least.

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