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Hard To Tell If Wikipedia Entry On Dada Has Been Vandalized Or Not

I almost believe this to be a true story. Except a quick glance at the Wiki page shows it is, sadly, not true at all. Anyway, I found it hard to believe that any Reed student could actually find the time to talk to anyone at The Onion. (Hey, I have this year's Princeton Review rankings to back me up on that one.)

You know, years ago, I would say "Reed" to people and a lot of them would just give me a blank stare. Or I would get the oh so clever reply, "You mean Red College?" Now, I see the place mentioned in two separate media outlets on the same day and nary a mention of communism, atheism, free love, or taking tests in trees. What is the world coming to?


Francesca said…
There are never enough references to free love and anarchy and test-taking trees. Never.

Oh, and from about six posts down (I've been out of commission). You are TOO gorgeous. Really.

Missed hanging out here. Glad to be back.

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