Hipster Olympics

"Not the caliber of scorn I would expect from a top competitor." Ha. see, I thought I knew all about being made to feel insignificant and low by all the evil girls in junior high and all the hipsters in college and beyond. But really, those people are amateurs. The truly skilled practitioners of better than thou-ness are the other mothers at the playground. At least, this is what I am told by all the other mothers I know. I wouldn't know this personally because the other mothers at the park tend to void me because I haven't completely shaken my own "don't talk to me, I have no time for the likes of you" aura, one I spent so many years crafting (not that I was ever much of a hipster, but apparently, I was enough of one to scare the other mothers at the playground). Or maybe they don't talk to me because I seem to be the only person who is not a nanny who doesn't have blonde hair.


Anonymous said…
Seems I've inadvertently turned G and myself into hipsters by wearing (at 9 mos pregnant) a t-shirt that reads "Swinger" w/ a picture of a martini on it, and giving G a thrift-store shirt that reads "I've got better things to do than drugs." Problem is on G it only looks ironic to people who know him!

Anonymous said…
Hysterical. "So ironic, it's not; so unironic, it is."

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