Aztec Camera-Knife, Live From Glasgow

I have probably said everything I am about to say before. This post may well seem like deja vu. Forgive me if it is all too familiar.

If the internet and YouTube did not exist, I would have to use my shaky memory to remember the eighties as opposed to this, which is more like a time machine grabbing hold of me and depositing me back in my bedroom of 22 years ago, listening to this song on the radio and feeling like it was a lifeline, as if someone finally captured my adolescent angst. Years ago, a friend of mine (another Roddy Frame fan) and I were comparing notes and realized we both gravitated to this song at thirteen, and we both holed up in our bedrooms writing poetry, wishing we could articulate ourselves as well as the only slightly older than us Roddy Frame.

The other day, Fred and I agreed that our mutual love for Aztec Camera was one of the things which brought us together--I went so far as to say that if we both didn't love Aztec Camera so much, we may have never stayed together, but that is a bit of a stretch. Who is to say what common denominators are necessary for a couple to make a life together?

Time passes and we all got older. The eighties are a distant memory. But I am still listening to most of the artists I listened to back then. The new stuff I like references the old stuff I liked. My tastes were set at an early age.

I look at this footage and I am not remotely surprised I ended up marrying Fred.


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