A Pocket President

I recently read in a magazine a brief quote from Dennis Kucinich's wife, Elizabeth, saying that she firmly believed her husband would become president. Now while I am sure many people suspect that she must be delusional (has she seen his polling numbers?), after watching Dennis Kucinich on the Colbert Report, I can absolutely see why she feels this way. Clearly the man has powers beyond our comprehension.


Judy said…
Oh, that was genius. Brilliant. Totally LOL.

He doesn't have a shot, but he definitely appeals to me. And have you seen his wife? She's brilliant and beautiful, too.
alimum said…
She is gorgeous and a few inches taller than him.

I know a lot of people have made comments along the lines of "how did a nebbishy guy like that end up with her?" and I think that little video clip answers that question as well.

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