Oddly Specific Anonymous Email

I don't usually log into MySpace because, well, my social anxiety disorder has now extended to the internet as well. Oh, and beyond looking for music, I can't see the point of spending lots of time there (yes, I know, I was obsessed with Friendster years ago, but I am over that now, especially since I have found it impossible to make new friends on the internet due to the aforementioned social anxiety). However, a friend of mine from college (though our tours of duty never officially overlapped, we knew the same people) sent me an email apologizing for sending me "tittie video spam" via MySpace, claiming she was blinded by the large breasts. I understand being blinded by large breasts and find this to be the most honest explanation for sending spam to people, so really, there is no need for apologies. However, this reminded me that MySpace exists and I logged on to see what was going on.

Roddy Frame is doing some shows in London. Of course he is. Would it kill him to get on a plane and do some shows in the U.S.?

Then I check my inbox. Spam. A message from MySpace Tom. A message from another guy named Tom which has the subject line "I Have To Admit..."

Intriguing. I open the message:
you were dead on about Haircut One Hundred! Fantastic band! Although Robyn Hitchcock, come on...
How very strange. Tom obviously knows me, but who can he be? I was good friends with a guy named Tommy in college (he is an anthropologist and lives in San Francisco), but we are friends on Friendster and none of his pictures look like this one. So I click on the sender and see that Tom is 36 years old and lives in Chicago. So definitely not Tommy. This guy's profile is set to private, so I can't really tell you anything more about him. I suspect (given his age and his location) that we went to high school together. Or I have a stalker. Or both.

But let's just address this little message, shall we?

Tom is partially correct. Haircut One Hundred was fantastic.

It is another band Fred and I have in common. Pelican West is a great record. Unfortunately, I can't find my copy (I still seem to have copies of Nick Heyward's solo records, which is pretty embarrassing.)

However, Mystery Man Tom is completely wrong in his suggestion that Robyn Hitchcock is anything less than a musical genius and a very clever wordsmith. When listening to the lyrics of his songs, it is impossible not to be overwhelmed with the realization that this is a man who loves the English Language for all its complexity and silliness. I'll bet he could kick my ass at Scrabble.

P.S. If you ever have a chance, see Robyn Hitchcock perform. I first saw him perform in April, 1988 (just days after the performance below was filmed).

Also, it goes without saying that if you ever have a chance to see Roddy Frame perform, you should totally grab that bull by the horns. It is totally worth flying 6,000 miles and jet lag.


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