Little Drummer Boy

He even wrecks his instruments when he is finished performing.

Luckily, he hasn't seen a real drum kit yet (or he has seen them, but he doesn't yet believe they are superior to the empty cookie tins he has). Oh, and we have a garage for when he eventually does (which is not to suggest that he can't make a lot of noise with the equipment he is currently using).


karrie said…
He has really good stick control.

Costco sells kid kits. The cymbals are not the best, but they work. :)
Anonymous said…
you have a little max weinberg on your hands! I'm only referencing this particular drummer since we are going to be seeing him and the rest of the e streeters in about 2 weeks. seriously, he shows some real talent!
Anonymous said…
in case you think I'm a stalker, the above comment was by auntie karen and annie!

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