Further Proof The End Is Nigh

Here is a picture of the skirt I found at the thrift store the other day. If the pattern hadn't been so cool, I probably wouldn't have even tried this skirt on. Luckily, I did, as it was a great buy ($3) and fits perfectly. No straining of the zipper, no muffin top.

Why, you ask, would I have passed on this skirt?
Clearly, this whole vanity sizing thing is out of control if I am now a size 0.

So if you find yourself feeling excessively belligerent, hungry, if you suspect you are coming down with something, and have thoughts about shuffling off this mortal coil, it may not be due to all the stress of the holidays. The cause of your distress may be standing right next to you in checkout line.

Don't worry, though. Rumor has it, they have hung up their saddles and are every bit as enamored of cheap cashmere and 500 thread count sheets as the rest of us.


thordora said…
my gawd, my calf is likely a size 0.

that is a damn cool skirt though.
karrie said…
It is a cute skirt!

And yeah, the idea of labeling a size as nothing, regardless of how small a person is, has always struck me as odd.

And both Gap and Old Navy vanity size it out the wazoo. I know I am not magically two sizes smaller than I was a few months ago.
Judy said…
Oh, the vanity sizing kills me. I want to know if they've started doing it with shoes, too, because I'm suddenly a half size smaller in shoes than I have been, oh, since I was 12.

It makes me mad more than anything, and doesn't make me buy more clothes.

But that is a cool skirt!
Judy said…
And is that a lizard tattoo?

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