Same Old, Same Old

Or when the going gets tough, the desperate talk trash.

I don't know. Personally, if I were Hillary Clinton, I wouldn't be bringing the words "character" or "financial irregularities" into the debate. And while bringing up kindergarten essays of Barack Obama's does demonstrate that he has been interested in becoming president for decades, I don't really consider an essay by a five year old to demonstrate the same level of ambition as, say, staying in a marriage with an adulterous husband and voting to support an unjust war. But hey, that's just me.

As I have said before, if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, I think we are all but assured four more years of a Republican presidency.

However, I guess one positive about all this is that she is demonstrating that a woman can go negative just as strongly as male politicians. Sadly, this isn't what I have in mind when I say I want full gender equality.


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