Oh How I Love A Good Conspiracy Theory

Years ago, a friend of mine met a famous journalist who had interviewed Barbara Bush. the interviewer had asked the former First Lady what she thought about the prospect of her son becoming President. Apparently, Barbara started going on about how absolutely intelligent and perfect for the job her son, Jeb, was and the reporter had to delicately explain that she had been asking about her son, George. At which point Barbara got a bit awkward and managed to say something very diplomatic along the lines of, "I love all my children." Keep in mind, I got this story second (or is it third) hand and it smacks of urban legend. But it sounds totally believable, doesn't it?

I'll admit, every time I see a photo of Barbara Bush, I am reminded of that scene in Austin Powers when Austin is introduced to Basil Exposition's mother and Austin attempts to remove her "wig" while shouting, "that's not your mother, that's a man, baby!" Something about her just strikes me as off.

And now I found this article which suggests she is the actually the love child of British occultist Aleister Crowley (a.k.a "The Wickedest Man In The World") and feel that everything is explained. I mean, it certainly places her comments that Hurricane Katrina refugees who had been evacuated to Texas were "underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them" into a context. And if you believe that there is a genetic component to drug use and addiction, it explains her son's well publicized alcoholism, as well as his religious zeal.

However, as wonderful an explanation as this is for our President, I must remain skeptical as this conspiracy theory fails to offer any insight into why Dick Cheney is the way he is.

P.S. Before anyone gets angry, please remember that I called myself a Cylon yesterday.


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