Happy Holidays

Julian hopes your holiday season continues to be filled with toys, while Simon hopes it will be filled with tuna. They both agree that tuna filled with toys and toys filled with tuna are bad ideas.


Anonymous said…
Both so cute! :-)

My e-mail account is all messed up. I am going to run some errands later today and will try and call. The flowers and green here in SoCal are such a welcome sight, but the drivers are worse than the most Massholey of Massholes.

Hope you're having fun!
Anonymous said…
I agree, tuna and toys don't really mix, but either alone is pretty cool. Hope they each got what they were wishin' for.
Lydia Netzer said…
Omigod I love those pajamas. Beyond rational love. How can you go wrong with pajamas that stripey? And a chair that glowing? Cuter than cute.

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