It's A Thin Line Between Facebook and Stalking

I kindof love this.

I think a lot of us who live a portion of our lives inside our computers feel like it doesn't matter if we put all sorts of private information on the computer because almost no one is looking. Like being naked in the locker room at the gym. I mean, yes, we know strangers may see us and even may be making judgments about us based upon what they see ("oh look, she has more cellulite than me" or "those breasts don't look real") but we expect everyone to follow the rules of decorum and pretend they saw nothing. Is this an irrational expectation? I mean, yes, on the face of it, it sounds like it is. Except the only way this whole public display of private information shabang (blogosphere/facebook/youtube) remains afloat is if we all continue to at least say we are averting our eyes and not talk about it. It's like one big Speak Out where, of course, we are talking about the stories we heard, but we are respecting the storytellers by not talking directly to them about their stories unless we are already friends with them and, even then, we proceed with caution.


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