Thank You, Joe Wilson

And the rest of the Republican Party for showing your true colors last night. Guess respect for the Office of the President only applies when it is someone from your own party. As someone who heard the "the president deserves respect even if he isn't someone you voted for" admonition from the Republicans in my life more than once, loved ones who tried to explain away all the Clinton bashing of the nineties as resulting from the Lewinsky scandal, I am holding your feet to the fire on this one. Because whether you voted for him or not, Barack Obama is the elected president of the United States. You claim the President needs to be more conciliatory, but when was President Bush conciliatory? When he was telling us we needed to go to war in Iraq because of the threat their weapons of mass destruction posed to us? Yeah, no member of congress held up signs or broke decorum and called him a liar while he was giving a speech, even though history has demonstrated that he was less than truthful with us. As I said, I guess respect and decorum only are required for people who have an R after their names.

I know, I know, the "Liberals are Liars" meme is a strong one in right wing circles, so maybe Wilson just forgot he wasn't on Fox News last night. Unfortunately for him, he chose to have his outburst before people who fact check statements (and found that his was false).

So, yeah, thanks Joe Wilson for showing us all the content of your character. Now that we know, we can choose to petition Congress to censure you for your behavior and we can decide to give money to your opponent (that's what we crazy liars do, we give money and volunteer for candidates we like).

Oh, and thank you because someone decided to dust off this old web chestnut, just for you.

P.S. Politifact also fact checked last night's speech.


libhom said…
Joe Wilson Is Your Pre-Existing Condition is pretty funny.

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