Eight Nights of Chanukah Music: Feast of Lights

As holiday songs go, They Might Be Giants hits the bulls-eye with this song. Because we all are having fun, but underneath it all, we have a whiny voice reminding us of how we are not measuring up to our social obligations. So while, yes, this is technically a song about Chanukah, it really captures some emotions which are so prevalent among people of all religions this time of year, guilt and weariness.

That sounds so sad and bitter on my part and I really don't intend it to sound that way. I just feel like there are a lot of emotions floating around and not all of them are happy ones, so it is nice to hear a song which captures the pessimism as well. Because if we weren't inclined to be pessimists during these dark days of winter, we wouldn't need holidays to brighten our days and nights up, now would we?


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