Twelve Days of Christmas Music: Feliz Navidad

Who wouldn't want Charo coming by to sing, play guitar, and then hand over some fruitcake? Pee-wee had the best Christmas guests and misdirected packages ever!

Before seeing this, I had not realized Charo spoke Spanish with a Castillian lisp. This realization which led me to check out her Wikipedia page where I learned that Andres Segovia was one of her guitar teachers and no one is entirely clear on her actual age because she has been lying about it since she was a teenager. Also, in case you were wondering what Charo is doing now, she is performing portions of her Vegas show on cruise ships. All this new information fills me with happiness because it feels like everything my seven year old self ever suspected about the adult world while watching TV on a Saturday night has turned out to be true, even after all these decades have passed. Feliz Navidad indeed!


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