Twelve Days of Christmas Music: I Want A Casting Couch For Christmas

Julian pointed out that we have twelve days until Christmas*. So, I figured it was time to share some of the great Christmas music that the internet has to offer (and which you may or may not hear on your local radio station (though if your local radio station offers Sound Opinions, you will get to hear this year's picks from Andy Cirzan, a musical treasure trove and my former neighbor, which I guarantee will be even more obscure and awesome).

I Want A Casting Couch For Christmas by Kay Martin and Her Body Guards (from the album I Know What He Wants For Christmas...But I Don't Know How To Wrap It)

This song was brought to my attention by Steve Darnell, host of Those Were The Days and publisher of Nostalgia Digest.

I thought this would be a good way to get us all in the mood (double entendre not intended. It is a sad reality that once you start to think everything could be a double entendre, everything becomes a double entendre). I kindof can't get past how little coverage that tube top is giving her on the album cover. Clearly, the climate in Southern California offers one a completely different set of holiday wardrobe options than one is afforded in Chicago. But not unlike the skimpy clothing which still covers all the necessary bits, the song is not nearly as racy as one might expect. The same can be said for the title track which, for all its suggestive allusions, ends cute.

Kay Martin has a dreamy voice and I can imagine people trying to get that big red bow on the Lexus may well have this song going through their heads. As ear worms go, that would not be so bad, would it?

*I am aware that the twelve days of Christmas referenced are the ones between Christmas and the Epiphany, but that dates back to a time when the build up to the holiday didn't begin before Halloween. By the time Christmas rolls around, we will all be so sick of the music that none of us will have the energy to listen to even the funniest and most obscure of Christmas songs.


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