Postcard 20

There is no line from then to now and no way to
Measure how long it takes.
Straight is a fiction, a collection of
Disorganized points we choose to see as
Ordered by ignoring information we find
Inconvenient and by stepping away to a
Distance which renders any detail or dissent
Invisible. Meter is inconsistent, blurry and
Indistinct, just add more heartbeats until it all
Becomes one drum. Not to mention, we allow ourselves
Amnesia, we defense mechanism away
Uncomfortable truths which impede our ability to
Pretend events unfold
According to existing narratives
Lies we tell ourselves like
Time is linear, forget the
Twists and turns and spirals it
Takes as it careens us to
Dangerous places, or that
Minutes pass in a consistent
Fashion, deny that some years are
Mere seconds while some decades, like
The 50s and the 80s seem to last
Over a thousand years, for some periods are sticky and we
May never leave them behind completely


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