Postcard 26

I wrote of false prophets and the
Rainbows of disorders pretending to be
Holy Men (and yes, it is always men, the
Women who are hucksters aim small, they only promise
They can tell your fortunes or read the stars) then
You talk to me of apparating shaman, glowing
Citrusy shades of halo corona and the look of
One who as seen the Truth, or at least truth. Do
You believe or are you just
Playing along, hooking up with
This god until something
Better comes along? Careful
Who you give your faith to as
Deities have a way of taking
Advantage even when they
Believe their tales and truly think
They show the light. Something about worship makes
An entity insinuate itself into dark corners of
Addiction and demand more from those who follow. So
Beware and be aware and be wear


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