Hidden Talents

I used to joke that I was going to run for Alderman because I thought it would be a hilarious thing to include on an acting resume.
Special Skills: Juggling, soprano with strong belt, expert knitter, good with children, Alderman of the First Ward...
As this video shows, not only is he the junior senator from Minnesota, Al Franken has talents which make my juggling and knitting abilities look downright puny.

When I was in eighth grade, our homework for social studies was to draw the map of the United States freehand (I guess this was what the Chicago Public School system considered arts education). I don't think my mom saved the map I drew, nor was the map worth saving, however, it was a respectable attempt (as I recall, it looked like a map of the US if it were reflected in a funhouse mirror--New England was stretched out and the Plains states were scrunched). As I watch this video, I realize I should have drawn it out state by state instead of doing the outline first and filling in the states afterwards. Alas, I should have practiced so that I, too, would have this cool party trick to whip out to wow an audience (though, to be honest, I am not sure I would ever have an opportunity to demonstrate this skill in an audition and/or conventional theatrical setting, but then, I'm never asked to juggle either).


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