Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remember What I Told You

"These are dangerous days. To say what you feel is to dig your own grave." Sinead O'Connor
Is it a surprise that children raised without hope should grow alienated from society? What is the point of following the rules when all it means is you are left without prospects? What happens to a dream deferred?
It's the same story over and over again, just like Groundhog Day, except we seem to have learned nothing from the past. We think we have made progress, we think we have evolved, but then something happens and we realize that we are where we always were. We are shocked by the realization that we are not insulated from the violence and destruction that occurs in so much of the world, but we are not really interested in addressing the problems which led to the events sparking our revelation. It is far easier to demonize the perpetrators and ignore the problem. Peace is restored and we are lulled into believing we have moved past the unpleasantness. Economies improve despite austerity measures and enough people seem to be lifted up that we feel justified in ignoring the injustices and inequalities around us. Until next time.

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