Saturday, August 06, 2011

Restaurant Review: Bowpicker

The next time you find yourself in Astoria, Oregon, do yourself a favor and eat at the Bowpicker. It's an outdoor fish & chips place across from the Columbia River Maritime Museum (which is one of the reasons I would assume you would find yourself in Astoria, Oregon--I mean, it isn't always just to travel across the bridge). Big chunks of tuna and awesome french fries made right in front of you.

And when I said it was outdoor, did I mention that all it is is a kitchen inside of a boat?
There are picnic tables on the other side for your convenience. And while we were lucky enough to have sunshine (I know it looks gray in the picture, but trust me, that is a sunny day in Oregon) on the day we were there, this is food worth sitting in the rain to eat.



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