We must all become more involved and informed regarding the seismic shifts in how societies work, to navigate the reorganization of what we have traditionally known, to gain deeper understanding of the evolving technological landscape, to connect and interface with our chosen leaders and each other. that is how we create our revolution AKA Day Thirty

Perhaps heroism is too much for mere
Humans to achieve, we must leave the
Large acts like saving the world to
Supernatural creatures, to
Aliens or gods. We should accept our
Limitations instead of pretending
We ave the answers. Maybe
Step aside and let another
Species lead for awhile. Maybe
The answer is here on earth, just
Not among us primates.
The orcas seem to have
Ideas about culture and
How to live one's best
Life. Capitalism is not on the
Menu, but salmon is
As well as swimming and singing in
Languages that cannot be put on paper
True, they have not invented computers, but
They also don't have war.


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