I tried to edit the black dress piece today. Not only could I not read my own writing without cringing, I found myself getting depressed while reading Heather's comments. So I gave up.

I am feeling that familiar twinge of sadness that always comes with my serious "real" writing and I realize I haven't been as motivated to contribute to this blog as it starts to evolve into "real" writing. Or rather, as I realize that I like what I have written here a lot more than the sixty-six pages of the black dress project.

Of course, all this begs the question: what do I mean by "real" writing and why is it harder to do something once it ceases to seem frivolous?

Unfortunately, I have gone to far on the black dress path to turn back now. I must plough through this ennui. I can't stop until it is finished, although I have no idea what finished will look like. As I look at this medium that is the blog, it occurs to me that, in so many ways, the black dress project would prehaps be best served as a blog, moreso than a book or gallery show. I have thought this for some time. So then, as I was driving from the gym to my mom's house to pick up Julian (because if I can't write, I can at least be a gerbil on a treadmill in the hopes that I will have smaller hips) I had the perhaps overdue idea: why don't I just create another blog devoted entirely to the black dress project? I can work out my writing difficulties and, in addition to posting the color pictures I have decided not to use (which is what I have been doing here), I can gradually post the sixty+ black and white photos which I do hope to use. I can still get feedback from the members of my writers' group, but I can also get comments from my cyber audience. (All four of you will be expected to pony up your thoughts.)

What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Yes! You're already bloggin, so Blog your infamous Black Dress Story. That way, we don't have to hear any more about it - we can simply read (or not read) the piece. Its 2006! Blog Me!
Giwilks said…
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