Accident Waiting To Happen

The parallels which can be drawn between our current political climate and a classic Billy Bragg song become more obvious with each passing day.
I've always been impressed with a girl who could sing for her supper

He said, "We don't like peace campaigners 'round here," as he nailed another one to the wall

Your life has lost its dignity, its beauty, and its passion. You're an accident waiting to happen
It appears I was mistaken in my earlier post about John McCain.

He has had numerous opportunities to speak out against the hate expressed at his rallies. Instead, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and their minions keep telling lies about Barack Obama and emphasizing his middle name. Instead, he just agrees when someone tells him how the "socialists" are trying to take over our country. Instead, he considers criticism of racism and calls for political assassination to be an attack on "hardworking Americans."

You know, John McCain is not the first politician who, in the face of economic collapse, scapegoated ethnic and religious minorities for the country's problems and set himself up as the opponent to both communists and financiers. However, one would think John McCain would not want such comparisons to be drawn. One would think. But with each passing day, John McCain goes further down a road one would think he would not want to go down and his motto Country First begins to sound increasingly ominous.

So it has come to this. I am past the point of accepting that other people have different views on this, but deep down, we are all good at heart. I now think any vote for John McCain is an endorsement of his divisive tactics. A vote for John McCain demonstrates that one is in agreement with the hatred, as expressed by his more vocal supporters at rallies, towards people whose skin color, religion, or political point of view is different from their own. I realize that sounds harsh, but how else can one view a person rewarding this behavior with their vote? At a certain point, people have to stand up and say, "This is wrong."

I am not the only person who feels this way. Many prominent conservative politicians and ideologues are registering their disgust with McCain.

Note, I am not saying you must vote for Barack "Who's Sane" Obama. There are other people running for president who deserve your consideration. Unfortunately, John McCain is no longer one of them.

I am heartened to see that John McCain has finally rediscovered his conscience (albeit after a day of escalating rhetoric on his part), but I am afraid this is not enough. It is going to take a lot of positive and sincere talk about Senator Obama on John McCain, Sarah Palin, and the campaign's part to walk people back from the brink they were led to by these very same people.


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