Dear John McCain

I know that you may view this video clip as simple left wing propaganda, designed to make Republicans look bad. Or you will suggest that people on the left are too quick to judge Republicans harshly, that we judge the many based on the actions of a few. And I'll admit that, given the recent rhetoric of your campaign, I feel it is no surprise that some people (including the blogger who filmed this) may think that this crowd's reaction is logical and fear that it won't take much for violence to erupt.


I know many Republicans who have never expressed anything but acceptance for people of other religions and races. They are good people who give back to their communities and do not tolerate the injustices they see around them. They would not approve of the views expressed by these people. For this reason, in addition to feeling disgust, rage, and fear while watching this, I also feel shame for them. The Republicans I know are not like this and I don't like that they may be found guilty by association, simply because they plan to vote for you in the fall.

I know that most Republicans are good people who believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and making the world a better place. We may disagree on the methods, but ultimately, we want the same things for our children and our country. I know that this behavior isn't representative of the party of Abraham Lincoln. What I can't understand is why you are not denouncing this sort of thing. I know that you know it is wrong and does not represent your views, but I really wish you would speak out so that everyone else knows this as well. Tell these people that they are wrong.

Please. I have a four year old son. I want him to grow up in a country where people do not judge others based upon their name, their ethnic background, their religion, their geography, or their political viewpoints. I want him to grow up in a country where people do not feel pride to express their bigotry and ignorance. I want him to grow up in a country which values knowledge, education, and achievement. This is the country that I want for him and I know that this is the country that my Republican loved ones want for him as well.

The Republican Party is better than this. You are better than this.


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