Where Will I Go? What Will I Do?

As previously noted, the presidential campaigns begin to resemble the Olympics, except that they last so much longer and the outcomes have a substantial effect on our lives. Of course, if you are anything like me, you are probably feeling somewhat bipolar about it all, simultaneously wishing the election would just be over already because you are so bored with it all, but then obsessively keeping track of every new plot twist. In this way, it is not unlike Highlander, with one screaming at the television set, "Yes, I get it, There Can Be Only One, get on with it," but unable to change the channel or look away.

Many weeks ago, while Maria and I were talking about the election, I said something along the lines of, "How is Britney Spears doing these days?" and proceeded to jokingly bemoan the way in which politics had captivated all of us and how saturated our media had become with all manner of news, great and small, regarding the upcoming election. How, I asked her and myself, could I keep track of all the utterly useless information about people in whom I am not even interested without Yahoo bombarding me with headlines about their lives when I log on to check my email?

What I hadn't even considered is that there may be news out there about people in whom I am interested that I may miss. Seriously, people, if I were not suffering from insomnia and hadn't just seen a trailer for Casanova on channel 11, I would never have found this piece of information.

I know this only happened a day or two ago, but still, what if I had missed this because I was too busy obsessing over the polling data at FiveThirtyEight? How can I even worry about the election when confronted with this news? Who will the producers of Doctor Who get to replace David Tennant? How will I cope with a new Doctor (keep in mind, I hate change and this is my favorite Doctor, the one who reintroduced me to the series) and will I get to see David Tennant act ever again (I know, YouTube, but what if he decides to only do theatre)? What if it all goes to crap? In fact, screw everything else that has been discussed about Iraq, health care, and the economy, I want to know where the candidates stand on this issue and what they plan to do about it.


Anonymous said…
Well, as far as Tennant is concerned, he's now the second longest running Doctor after Tom Baker. It seems like he's pretty much played out in terms of where he can go with the character. I was pretty shocked and saddened to see Christopher Eccleston go, but Tennant was a great choice to replace him. He reminded me a lot of my first Doctor - Peter Davidson.


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