The Company You Keep or Who's The Terrorist Here?

Sarah Palin has, quite famously, been talking about Barack Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers (they served on a charitable foundation's board of directors together along with a number of Republicans) and suggests that he is guilty of terrorism by this association.

As many have wondered, does Sarah Palin really want to go there? After all, she and her husband have a long relationship with the Alaskan Independence Party, a secessionist group whose founder enlisted the Iranian government to sponsor his anti-American agenda and died while attempting to buy plastic explosives. If people are known by the company they keep, what do we know about Sarah Palin and who she has chosen to "pal around with" over the years?

So, when Sarah Palin suggests that Barack Obama doesn't see America as she does, she is right. Barack Obama doesn't view America and it's taxpayers as unwitting dupes who can be sucked dry to fund their "self-sufficient" state. Barack Obama doesn't view America as a country which must be either seceded from or overthrown. Barack Obama doesn't think that America is a country where only those people who are the correct religion or race or political affiliation deserve respect. So, yes, Sarah Palin is right, Barack Obama doesn't view America as she does, but then, a lot of Americans don't. You have to wonder which country Sarah Palin is pledging to put first and what motivates those who would vote to put Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from becoming president.


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