Postcard 11

The loneliness of our present age
Thrums continuously in us all
Like a heartbeat, bum pum bum pum
We only notice it during times of stress
When the pressure gets turned up to eleven
We know it's there, though, all the time
We would miss it if it suddenly
Went away, went silent, stopped
We'd feel for it in our sleep and
Notice and unnameable absence
In our waking hours
Perhaps our dreams would be
Happy, the pastiche world of
Candyland Lisa Frank Glitter
Explosion Kitten Fiestaville, Yeah!
We'd all giggle as we said to
One another, "I had the
Weirdest Dr-" and we wouldn't
Even have to finish the sentence
We'd smile knowingly over tea
Or coffee, if you prefer
We'd grow bored, eventually, but
We wouldn't be alone


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