Postcard 26

Metamorphosis, as Kafka observed
Does not occur without causing
A degree of pain. We are attached
To the bodies we call home and the
Psychic Trauma of change cannot be
Ignored, at least, not without causing
More injury to the transformed. But
Evolution also hurts bystanders, maybe even more
As one has expectations of the
Ones we love, we think we
Know how to interact with the
World around us, we take
Comfort in repetition and sameness
We resent when patterns
Kaleidoscope into something else.
Arachne was industrious, yes, she
Boasted, but she loved her craft
She swiftly grew accustomed to
Her extra legs and self made silk
If only her friends and family were
More accepting, less afraid
They flinched when walking through her
Webs and shrieked when she would give them kisses


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