Postcard 25

Flat and featureless, promising
Rain, the sky is reflecting
Our collective longing and
Pain. It tells us it can see the
Days are so much shorter and
Soon the light will change
Another summer almost over
Another year flying by so fast
Yet grindingly slow. It feels it
Will last forever, but the next thing we know
We find we can see the end.
The slight chill seems more
Prophetic, a prediction of what
Lurks up ahead, in the future, a mere
Eyeblink away from now. Though we
Complain about the humidity and heat
We never miss the snow, we
Do not travel to the glaciers just to feel the
Snap of frost. But change looms and soon
We'll have eternal heat waves, our summers will be endless, and
Winter will be just a memory, a story we tell our grandchildren
As distant as Norse Gods


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