Postcard 9

"I'm not falling for your bullshit,"
I tell the cats, but this has no
Effect on the frequency or
Volume of their meows
They tell me their food bowls are
Empty, that they have always been
Empty, that this whole system of
Kibble delivery has never worked and
Furthermore is a violation of their
Dignity. Who am I to impose this
Regime upon them and why should
Our circumstances not be reversed?
(It's perverse)
Opposable thumbs are just an
Excuse, an absurdity, just like
Going to work or staying awake
Time, they tell me, has no
Meaning. They live in the now.
Now the bowl is empty and
Ten minutes ago never existed.
Why do I persist in consulting a clock?
It's cuckoo, they say.
"Be that as it may
I'm not falling for your bullshit."


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