Tuesday, May 11, 2010


the make believe is over now
the truth is coming out
the world you thought belonged to you
has been turned inside out

the silence has been broken
the beans have all been spilled
the cat’s been let out of the bag and
curiosity had it killed

the years they spent pretending
telling stories that weren’t true
were wasted ‘cuz the walls caved in
and light is breaking through

it’s shocking that they could maintain
this charade of deceit
it’s shocking how they placed the shame
at someone else’s feet

the blood from wounds ripped open
mark you with betrayal’s stain
and though the scar will fade you fear
it's like the Mark of Cain

so what comes next? where do you go?
there’s all this work to do
integrating all the truth now known with
the lies you thought you knew



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