Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Web of Connectedness

I have often played this game in my head (six degrees of Kevin Bacon, except with musicians), but my brain is not nearly as comprehensive as the website Six Degrees of Black Sabbath .

It is fascinating how there is some way, no matter how obscure, to link everyone who has ever recorded an album to everyone else. I mean, obviously, this is the whole point of the six degrees game and the hypothesis itself. However, it does seem to take more than six degrees to make connections (at least the ones I want to test out), though I'll bet if marriages, friendships, legal representation were factored in, everything would shrink to the necessary parameters.

I promise I will eventually run out of musicians and get some sleep.

Also, if mathematicians were rock stars, there would be a website to measure collaboration distance. I feel blessed to live in a world where people have conceived of the Erdős-Bacon number and that Wikipedia exists to tell me about it.

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