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Which John Cusack Are You?

This is a funny quiz for a number of reasons. The first being that we all love John Cusack. By "we" I mean you, me, and everyone you know. Seriously, do you know anyone who doesn't love at least one character John Cusack has played? Find me that person and I'll bet they just haven't seen Say Anything or High Fidelity or any of the other films that people quote incessantly at one. In fact, the person who does not love John Cusack probably does, in fact, love John Cusack, but they hate having the notable lines from John Cusack's films constantly said to them by people who want to seem hip and cool.

The other reason this is funny is because my brother, Jeff, has freely admitted that he has patterned his life on John Cusack characters and has told me (with a straight face and not a touch of irony) that other people have told him he is so much like Lloyd Dobler and/or Rob Gordon and he then recommends I watch the movies because I will see what they mean. Because, he assumes, that I just must not have seen Say Anything or High Fidelity because I have failed to make the appropriate observation that he is so much like the protagonists of the films. To be fair, it has been a couple of years since he has said anything like this, but you know, as his older sister, I am required by law to bring up stuff like this every so often. It's my revenge for him calling me fat when I was a teenager.

So now that I have the "embarrass my little brother" portion of the post out of the way, I can make my own admission: when I read the book High Fidelity, I felt an affinity with Nick Hornby's main character and said something like "I am just like him, except not from London and a girl," to Fred (the book was set in London, whereas the movie was set, and filmed, in Chicago). We were on the beach in Cancun at the time and I think he just assumed the sun had made me slightly addled. But, like, now I have this online quiz to confirm my earlier statement (and, for what it is worth, I have a pretty alright record collection).

Oh, and for people who are looking for contest clues, no, John Cusack is not on the list.


Anonymous said…
I adore John Cusack. Gross Point Blank, oddly enough, is my favorite, followed by Serendipity. I like High Fidelity, but I liked the book better.

Good luck finishing up your NANOWRIMO!
Francesca said…
Apparently I'm John Shane from Bullets over Broadway (an artist dammit!)
Anonymous said…
I am Martin Q. Blank, which is appropriate since he's my fave JC character.

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