Verbose and Verbosity Enfleshed

I wrote another 300 words this afternoon. Of course, I only have the bare bones of plot, but as y'all know, I'm the sort of girl who never says in two words what can be said in twenty. What is the point of speaking the english language if not to revel in all these words we have? We don't usually consider ourselves a subtle people, we speakers of the English tongue, but look at all the different words we have for wet. Or fast. I could do this all night. However, I must pack as we are going away for the weekend (to a resort no less). I will not be blogging and I will be writing my NaNoWriMo project in long hand. Which may rein in my verbosity a little bit.

Of course, we have so many words for some things, and really no words for the act of love (because there are some things for which frack just can't do justice.)


Francesca said…
You're right, you know. Trying to write gracefully and potently about sex is hard when our language itself carves out a very small and strange space for it.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Anonymous said…
Writing longhand would definitely limit my wordiness - but then again, I'd written about 100 pages of the first novel I actually completed (the one I put in a box in the closet) on the computer and got stuck. It had been months. And then we were on a flight to Alaska, and I had a sudden inspiration... and no computer. I stole my husband's legal pad and a pen and started writing. It was my breakthrough - one I don't think I'd have ever had if I'd been typing. There's just something about pen and paper that makes a writer itch.
Anonymous said…
for the love of god. take some knitting! :) i finished the evil blanket of doom, and also a tote bag (well, the bag is done, the straps are interminable) and i want more knitty goodness.

but also have fun. and, for the record, i think verbosity is one of the best character traits out there. people of few words are boring.

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