"Boys, Who Would You Rather Snuggle Up To?"

The stunning size 12 model branded 'too fat' for TV competition

Models are supposed to be walking hangers, so is it any surprise that the girl who most resembles a wire figure would be praised by the industry? Yep, if the judges had been making the decisions, the girl with the curves would have been out, but "mother-of-one Miss Hunter triumphed when viewers voted her to the top female slot in the contest."

I am furiously typing away, trying to get the last 6,000 words written before Thursday night. I am happy to have done nanowrimo, but I don't know if I will do it again next year. We shall see.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown is on television tonight. Yay!


karrie said…
Wow! The model on the right looks like she is starving herself to be that size. She's very gaunt and looks exhausted. I have a sister who is very thin-- a sz 0-2--but she still has some curves, and a nice healthy glow to her skin.
Lee said…
No contest. I like my cuddlying companion to be pleasantly rounded.
Judy said…
Um, yeah. I'll take the size 12. I asked Eric, who fortunately agrees. Crazy. And great messages we're sending to young girls.

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