The List

I realized, last night, that I cannot come up with five people for my list. You know what list I'm talking about. THE LIST.

Hey, I just read Wikipedia's description. I was never told my five were set in stone, for all eternity. I mean, how is this possibly fair? There are so many factors which can cause one to change the makeup of the list. People grow old and die. New celebrities are made every day (every time a bell rings, just like angels) and old celebrities do things which causes them to become less attractive (how many people have crossed Tom Cruise off their lists over the past 18 months?) Most importantly, our tastes change. Not in big ways. I mean, I find the same things attractive in a man now as I did when I was 25; I like height, hair, skinniness, sweetness, good humor...oh, and he better be smart. But in very subtle ways, my tastes have evolved. For example, David Bowie and Jeremy Irons were both on my list when I was 25, but now, eh. It isn't that I find either of them less attractive, just that neither of them are so appealing to me now that I feel they deserve a spot on the list.

So here I am and I can only think of two celebrities I would even put on the list. Two, and they aren't even that famous as celebrities go. And just as I am about to wonder if this is a sign that motherhood has eaten my sex drive or if I really have grown old, I realize that David Bowie and Jeremy Irons are the only two people I can remember from my list of nine years ago. Maybe I'm just a very focused, monogamous sort of girl, even where the list is concerned.

Who is on your list?

Can you guess the two who are on mine? (I'll send a book to the first person who gets the right answer. Which reminds me, I will update you all on the results of the contest from months ago.)


Francesca said…
Neil Gaiman would be on mine. Does he count? I'd bet he's on yours too. And Jeremy Irons still should be. Wow.

I'll have to think more on this. Hmmm.
Anonymous said…
The new Dr. Who?
alimum said…
Stuntmother's reply makes me realize I have been limiting myself focusing on rock stars and actors. So while yes, now that you mention it, Neil Gaiman would be on my list as well, as would Salman Rushdie. I also hadn't considered newscasters, athletes, historical figures as being fair game for this list thing, so maybe I would have difficulty limiting it to just five. (Is it strange that I find the young Abraham Lincoln attractive?)

But, for the sake of the book giveaway, you only have to guess the two people who were on the list yesterday, before it expanded to include literary figures.

Two people. And I have already given you a hint that they are actors and/or rock stars and not terribly famous ones at that (so, no, Bono is not on the list.)
karrie said…
David Bowie used to be on my list too. I also had no idea that it was set in stone.

I love Stellan SkarsgÄrd, but really any good Swedish accent will do.

I have to think a bit more, since the list is permanent.
karrie said…
And doh, Happy Thanksgiving!

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