The title of my novel is "Should The World Fail To Fall Apart" which all you Bauhaus fans will recognize to be the title of Peter Murphy's first solo record. The subtitle is "Not If You Were The Last Man On Earth...And Now You Are" which was a suggestion made by the lovely and brilliant Aushra when I tried describing the plot to her. The everchanging plot. I think I went through at least three completely separate plotlines this past month. I learned a ton doing this and I am feeling overwhelming pride at succesfully writing 50,000 words in less than 30 days. Yeah, some of it is total crap and I will probably just disassemble it and use the good bits here. Tomorrow I will write a post detailing my thoughts on this experience and musing on what I have learned from it. But, for now, I am savoring my victory.


Is this what people feel when they run marathons?


Anonymous said…

I look forward to hearing more about your novel--and perhaps seeing it on a shelf someday soon. :)
Francesca said…

Can I read it?

I am insanely proud to be cheering you from the sidelines.

Coeruleus said…
W00T! Congratulations! Post bits and pieces here for us to read...

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